Product Overview

An Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is an electronic device that allows even the most seriously handicapped individuals to manipulate and control their surroundings.

Models Offered

  • Simplicity AIO (All-in-One) – activated by voice or switch commands
  • Simplicity Switch –  activated by switch commands only

The Simplicity AIO

Quartet’s AIO (All-in-One) ECU is voice & switch activated and allows the widest range of possibilities through voice or switch commands. As with all Quartet ECUs, a simple yet predictable menu system and audible feedback ensure quick training.

The AIO is user dependent meaning that the ECU learns and responds only to its operators voice.  This allows the unit to filter out environmental noise, such as a TV or barking dog and perform only the function being commanded.  Our Whisper Technology allows even the most soft-spoken voice to command control and retraining any word is always an option.

Personalize your unit with a name of your choice and speak that name into the microphone to begin controlling your devices.  For example, naming our unit Egbert, we will answer the telephone as follows. Egbert (Egbert responds YES), Phone (Egbert responds PHONE), Answer (Egbert responds Answer) and now you can carry on a conversation with the caller.

For those times when using voice is not an option due to respiratory issues or tiredness, the user has the option to operate the AIO in Switch mode.

The Simplicity Switch

The Switch ECU allows its user to control his environment with any one of the many adaptive switches available such as pneumatic or button/key pads.  Using the ability switch, the user activates a menu scan and then selects the menu and functions desired.   For example, to change the channel on a television using a button switch the user would tap the button to activate the scan.  The unit would then begin “Your choices are Phone, Light, Television” At the word television, a tap of the button will now activate a sub menu of television. “Your choices are Turnon, Shutoff, Mute, Volume, Channel”.  At the word Channel, tap the button again.  The unit will then recite the numbers 0-9 and the user will tap each time the appropriate number has been requested.

All units are highly configurable. Although predetermined during the installation of your ECU, menu and switch speeds and the number of digits required before transmission can be changed at any time.


  • Audio feedback in Male or Female voice.
  • English, Spanish or French language available.
  • Nursecall available.
  • Radio Remote Control Accessory is available to allow the user to control the device from anywhere inside/outside (600′).