The Simplicity ECU

What Is An ECU?

  • An Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is an electronic device which allows people with extreme physical limitations (quadriplegia, MS, ALS, etc.) to control their surroundings using voice or switch technology.
  • ECUs are used to control electronic devices in one’s environment such as lights, door openers, televisions, phones, hospital bed, and more.
  • Above all, an ECU will maximize functional ability and independence at home, school, and work.

Dedicated To Improving The Lives Of The Physically Challenged & Those Who Care For Them.

Independence By Design

The Simplicity is an embedded stand-alone system that does not rely on a computer or home network. The Simplicity by design is safe from computer viruses and security breaches as it is a self-contained, closed system. It is also fully configurable based on the user’s abilities and needs. Quartet ECUs are truly hands-free due to its proprietary voice recognition system with whisper technology and ability to use adaptive switches such as sip & puff and eye-blink.

Why Quartet?

Since 1983, Quartet Technology, Inc. has grown to be a world leader in the development and implementation of Environmental Control Units (ECU’s). Quartet is the go-to company that rehabilitation specialists utilize when seeking to return their clients to their greatest-possible level of independence.

Located in Massachusetts, Quartet’s patented products provide long term independence to those who can no longer perform daily tasks. Quartet’s ECUs are designed and manufactured in the USA. Updates and repairs are handled in the home or at our home office while other manufacturers require expensive international shipping which results in extended periods of time without access to your system.

Simple To Install. Simple To Use

A Simplicity ECU installs in your home easily, with no special wiring required. Once it’s installed, you’re in control. With surprising ease, a Simplicity ECU allows you to manipulate temperature, lighting, windows and doors, electronic equipment and much, much more.

Family, Caregiver And Facility Benefits

With an ECU in the home or facility, family members and caregivers no longer need to provide 24-hour attendance and attention to the disabled person. He can now adjust his bed, change the television channel, make or answer a phone call, turn on a light, open a door, adjust the heat, play some music and so many other daily activities. Family members can leave the home and know that their loved one is able to help himself.

With the continuing healthcare labor shortage, facilities around the works are looking for ways to reduce their labor dependency and make the most of limited resources. The Simplicity ECU will not only save you money but will also provide a distinct competitive advantage for a facility as a value-added amenity that clients will soon demand and ultimately expect from care facilities.

According to the U.S Department of Labor *, the demand for health aides is the fastest growing of any occupation in the country. The approximately one million caregivers working in care facilities cost the industry tens of millions of dollars each year. One Simplicity costs less than half of a typical caregiver’s annual salary. Our ECU pays for itself in months and allows caregivers to increase productivity by not having to perform mundane tasks such as changing the TV channel, going from room to room to turn off the lights at night, or dialing or answering a phone for clients. Nurses can get back to nursing. This technology will change the facility’s culture while dramatically cutting costs.



Quartet Technology, Inc.

Independence By Design.