Quartet's Philosophy: When you give someone back their independence, you raise their self esteem and provide relief to those who care for them.

About Us

Quartet Technology is an inspirational company in Massachusetts that has dedicated over 30 years to helping the physically challenged.  Its products provide independence to those who can no longer perform daily tasks such as turning a light on or off on their own.  Give someone back their independence and you have raised their self-esteem and provided much relief to those who care for them.


So many companies have come and gone in the assistive technology field but Quartet remains a viable, trustworthy and accessible company with employees whose passion and dedication exemplify that of the founder, Michael Rourke, CEO.  Michael’s quadriplegic mother was afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis.  His personal experiences have given him a keen understanding of the challenges that disabled people and their caretakers regularly face.  This insight enables him to relate well with his customers and form the bond that develops into lifelong connections.


Michael’s philosophy is that a person who invests and trusts in Quartet products is part of the Quartet family and “we take care of family”.  When not in the office answering technical or informational phone calls, he can be found at a facility or customer’s home doing a demonstration or troubleshooting a problem.    His commitment to quality customer service is instilled in every employee at Quartet as every effort is made to promptly answer the phone, answer a question, provide technical support or even direct the caller to another company for their needs.


After more than three decades on the market, Quartet’s Simplicity continues to be the most popular, reliable, and user-friendly environmental control unit available. Thank you for your loyalty to our company, and for being a supporter of Quartet’s goal to bring assistive technology and independence to the disabled.