Our Process

Simplicity™ Environmental Control Units (ECUs) allow you to easily perform many everyday tasks giving you back your independence and control. Simplicity ECUs have enabled thousands of challenged people to go back to work or school and improve their quality of life and self-esteem.

Where to start?

Many of our distributors have been installing and training people on our ECUs for 10+ years. Give us a call or email us and we will put you in touch with your local distributor.

If you are a Veteran, you can contact your VA and request an evaluation for a Simplicity ECU from Quartet. The VA will then contact us or our distributor.

The Evaluation

A Quartet distributor will arrive at the home on a predetermined date and do an evaluation of both the client and the environment.  After some discussion with the client on how and what he wishes to control, he will determine which model ECU will best serve the client and then have him perform a task or two using the unit.   This is an exciting moment for the client who has not been able to perform a simple task for years.

Next, the distributor will ask about various items in the home (lights, fans, TVs, hospital bed etc) and will make a note of models, number of devices and locations.  All his information will be put into a formal quote and submitted to the family or the funding agency.  Once approved, the equipment is ordered.

The Installation

The day of installation will be a full day as the ECU is programmed to control various IR devices (TV, DVD, Radio), lights, hospital bed etc.  Once these have been programmed, the installer will do a training with the client.  If using an AIO (voice/switch ECU), then the client will do a voice training first and then he can begin controlling his environment.   If using a Switch ECU, he will begin to scan and select the devices he wishes to operate.

After The Installation

As with any technology, there is always something to learn while using the ECU.  Every unit includes detailed manuals as well as the RESOURCE tab on our website.  Your local distributors is also available for questions or issues.