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Here is a random sampling of what our clients have to say about us:

"I became a high level quadriplegic and had to depend on other people for most of my needs and comfort. I can now independently operate a host of things such as: phone, lights, television, cable, my hospital bed, a door opener and most importantly my computer. This allows my wife time to be out for 3 or 4 hours without worrying about me. Without this "Simplicity" environmental control unit, my life would be a lot more difficult."


"My husband has a Simplicity Series 5 and has become quite dependent upon the unit. I got very ill one morning and passed out. He was in bed and called the ambulance for me and a neighbor up the street to come and stay with him. As you know, he can only move his head and shoulders. If we hadn't had this unit, we would have been in a bad situation."


"What a positive impact the Quartet Series Environmental Control Unit has had on my life. Regaining independence has contributed to boosting my self-esteem which, in turn, has given me the confidence to try and accomplish more in my life. I am amazed that a device can do so much without ever breaking down."

New York

"I can literally run the "world" with my Simplicity. It has completely changed my life in being able to cope with my disabilities. I was able to continue my business as a finance broker and business consultant. I believe that "Simplicity" is the greatest invention made since the "safety pin"!

P. C.

"It has made my life infinitely easier and made me so much more independent allowing me to leave home and live at UMass on my own, from which incidentally, I graduated with my B.S in Civil and Environmental Engineering."


phone  1.978.957.4328   fax  978.957.8366

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